Saturday, June 25, 2005

Cross your finger's and hope my internet lets me post this.....

So yeah I haven't posted in awhile when I should have. In my defense things have been really really hectic around here lately. A family member died unexpectedly and we had to make a four hour trip down to Cincinatti, for the funeral stay a couple days. And drive back. And with a toddler let me tell you thats NOT fun. Four hours in a car seat? Kaia wasn't having any of that.On the plus side I got to meet family memebers I had never met and find out some interesting things about my mother's side of the family. But more on that later. * Summer is also in fu.l swing around here(FINALLY). And I spend almost all day everyday outside with Kaia playing in the wading pool at the this awesome park not far from my house. Then to top it off my computer got a virus and we discovered that our compy was also infected with over 702 spyware thingy's(forget what these are called). We got rid of the spyware but ever since things on the compy have been really screwed up. My internet barely works, only at certain times when it wants to. Anytime I navigate away from a page it doesn't load and I have to disable our LAN thing and re-enable it. Then the page loads verrrryyy slowly and I have to do the same thiing over again thirty times. Aim seems to work though, as long as I'm not doing anything else on the compy and I'm willing to wait the ten minutes it takes to start up. (I'm not usually that patient). Dell is being a total bitch and asking for our "express" code whenever we call and we can't seem to get a real person. Now wtf is an express code and where the hell am I supposed to get one? Can you tell Ithis makes me mad? I mean seriously everytime I turn on the tv I see a commercial talking about Dells 24/hr tech support. Well I'd love to take advantage of that considering I just bought this Dell last December. But oops I can't actually get through to them!!! If anyone out there knows anything about this problem I am describing leave me a comment... somehow I doubt throwing the entire compy off the balcony will solve the problem. It'd be very satisfying yes, but that leaves me cut off from all my beloved internet.

~Warning:Parental bragging ahead~
Kaia has been growing like a weed. The little munchkin is now in size 5 wide shoes and it ready for a bigger pair since her little toes are sticking out of her sandals. I remember when newborn socks fell off her little preemie foot because she was so small. Where does the time go? Her current favorite word is wow. Some other ones she has come out with are toes, stop,bye-bye, night-night, baby (usually while holding one of her dolls or pointing at mommy's belly), blanky, and many others. She's learning new words everyday. She's also in her terrible twos full swing. Oh the screaming of the word no, and the stomping of the feet, and the lovely hitting she has taken too whenever she is mad. The wall, me, Nate, herself the table. It's hard not to laugh I admit, but sometimes it's so funny to see her so upset over someone simply draining the bathtub. Parenthood is fun. Hopefully next week I'll still feel the same way.....

*I don't mean to seem callous about the death in my family, it's just not something I feel I'm ready to go more in depth about right now. It was one of my favorite aunts, and my grandmother's sister and it was most likely the worst week of my grandmother's life. Once I know she'll be ok I'll write more about it....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Apparently I'm an owl......

101% Beast

You are an owl. You are a cultured person and probably have some good close friends. People should be wary not to anger you as you will attack.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Late night ramblings with my lil bro....

The following is an AIM convo I had with my little brother Will, I'm bored and too tired to post anything right now so I'd thought I'd post this convo and show you the random things I can think about. Hopefully this will still be as funny tommorow morning!....oh and just a little disclaimer...I'm not under the influence of anything in this convo this is just how wierd I can get...scary huh? (I also left in most of the typos to show what my typing really looks like without the use of spell check)
kaiasmom2003: holy tornados batman!
kaiasmom2003: or is it torpeda's?
Lil Bro: what is it robin??
kaiasmom2003: I dunno!
kaiasmom2003: too much ice cream
kaiasmom2003: why are we wearing these tights batman?
kaiasmom2003: how does this make us look so totally super cool to wear green tights
Lil Bro: cause were trend setters and it looks awesome
Lil Bro: lets go back to the bat cave and play touch and tickle
kaiasmom2003: yeah well I look like a walking shrine to xmas in this red and green outfit
kaiasmom2003: but then...why is my cap yellow
kaiasmom2003: cape*
kaiasmom2003: and are we really fooling anyone as to who we really are by wearing this thing on our eyes that covers an inch of our face
Lil Bro: i dont know but it looks cool and catches my fancy
kaiasmom2003: and how the do you move in palstic an rubber?
Lil Bro: fexibly,say enough talk robin, lets go back to the bat cave and play touch and tickle
kaiasmom2003: oooh batman
Lil Bro: robin you make any middle aged phycholgically crazy gay man happy
kaiasmom2003: lol
kaiasmom2003: man are we dorks
kaiasmom2003: lololol
kaiasmom2003: I meant us Will
kaiasmom2003: batman and robin are dorks too though

Friday, June 10, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen...

It's a boy! We found out today! More to come later, I have been in a blog funk lately but now I'm back!