Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cole's Birth Story

Cole's birth story isn't all that unique. Compared to Kaias birth his was the easiest ever. His pregnacy was NOT.In order for me to really tell his story I have to give you the rundown on my last few weeks that I was pregnant with him. I had been having horrible migraines, to the point where I couldn't see in a lighted room and couldn't feel part of my hand. The first time I had a migraine I had no clue what it was! My Ob had to tell me. I'd never had one before. They are horrible. I couldn't sleep because of hip pain, the position Cole was in put extreme pressure on one of my hips and he would NOT be moved. There was nothing the chiropractor could do.So I was pretty miserable, I was in pain from migraines and hip pain. I couldn't sleep more than two hours at a time (getting up to pee only being able to sleep on one side bc of my hip and etc.) and had a two year old to deal with during the day. I was VERY stressed out and ready to have the baby. Then on the 26th the morning of my midwife's appointment I found out my husband was being transferred to another branch of the company that was in another part of the state. And we had about 3 weeks to move. I was not happy, and went to my midwives feeling very frustrated and anxious. We started talking and in the end we decided it would be best for everyone to induce the baby, I had already been 2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced for a few days with no sign of progress. So it was just a mutual decision that it was best to induce. I know many people would not agree with my decision and that's ok. I did what was best for me and there were many other factors involved in my decision that I don't wish to talk about here. So my induction was scheduled for the 28th just two days away! I couldn't wait.

That Friday morning I went to the hospital at 7 a.m. and got all settled in. I hadn't made any progress. So the pitocin was started around 8 a.m. I had a few visitors throughout that morning. But nothing special happened. They slowly increased my pitocin and my contractions got stronger and stronger. Around 12:30 I was in a lot of pain and decided that I wanted an epidural. I was committed to having this baby vaginally and to have the best experience possible and for me that meant being coherent and not focused on pain but on the baby and enjoying the experience. My midwives were great. They came in and checked on me throughout the day and even ones who were not on call stopped by on their lunch break. (The practice that my midwives are in have 4 different midwives and they rotate days). The anethesiologist came in about 1:30 by this time I was more than ready for my epidural. I hate needles though and getting it was extremely hard for me. They had me sit up on the edge of the bed which wasn't easy with the contractions I was having. I sat there and leaned forward resting my head on Nate and just tried to breathe through the pain. It took about ten minutes before he was done and once he was finished I had a large needle taped down in my back so they epidural could be sent in through the IV. But once that epidural kicked in it was great. It worked wonderful on me I was completely numb from the waist down and couldn't feel even the most major contractions. My midwives came in shortly after I have the epidural to check me again and I had made some progress but not much.(Up until the epidural being checked was excruciating for me but once I had didn't even make me flinch). I tried to nap a little bit but the excitement was too much and I ended up watching t.v most of the afternoon,Nate was extremely excited and was getting impatient so I sent him across the street from the hospital to get some dinner with his father. Around 630-645 my midwives changed their shift and I had my most favorite one of all Kathleen. Kathleen and I got along great and she was everything about a midwife that I loved. Quiet, gentle, almost motherlyish in the way she treated her patients. She checked me again and said that I was 9 centimeters but we still had a little bit of a wait and couldn't start pushing until I fully ten centimeters. She said she had another patient to check on and that she would be back in a few minutes and hopefully I would be ten and could start pushing. We called Nate to come back just to be on the safe side. We didn't want him to miss anything. He was back in about three minutes flat. He ran all the way from the restaurant back to the hospital. A few minutes after that I informed my mother that I had to use the restroom. She asked me if it was because I had to pee or if I felt like I had to poop(Hope you don't mind but this is really what was said!). When I told her I had to poop she went and got the nurse and the checked me again and I was fully dilated and Cole was on his way! Everyone left the room to wait in the hallway, and my mother held one leg up and Nate took the other. My friend A, stood behind my head holding my hand and rubbing my back. Everytime I felt a contraction start I pushed (I didn't actually feel any pain just had a very strong sense that I needed to push). They brought in a mirror and I was able to watch his progress with each push. It was amazing, I got to stop and feel his little head and watch as he came out. It was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. After only a half an hour of pushing I got to meet my little boy. I think I'll stop here for now. I'll write more later.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

This one is my favorite of all his hospital pictures. Posted by Picasa

She looked huge next to him! Posted by Picasa

I'm back for good this time here are some long awaited pics of Cole. This one is the first time Kaia ever met him. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No Worries.

I 'm alive. Very busy though. In the past 6 weeks I have:

  • Had a baby.
  • Had TWO birthday parties for my now 2 yr old daughter.
  • Been in the hospital for three days over Thanksgiving with my then three-week old.
  • Visited with family from out of town also over Thanksgiving.
  • Moved to the other side of the state the day after Thanksgiving.
  • Moved again 10 days later.
  • Am now in dispute with previous landlord over the BLACK MOLD we discovered in our newly rented house.
  • Am now unpacking in our new mold free house.

More details to come and hopefully a site redesign to come soon. I'll try to write before Christmas, but we currently have no internet in our house and have no idea when it'll be hooked up. Sometime within the next week. WE HOPE. Best wishes for the holiday season if I can't post before hand. :)