Saturday, July 23, 2005

My weekend in a nutshell, messy hair and pizza crust.....wish I looked this cute while eating it,lol! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Harry Potter

Due to circumstances beyond my control I did not get my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book until yesterday. I got it right before my daughter's doctors appointment, read it on the way there, on the way to back, ont he way to the mall , when I got home and finished it this morning, (combined about 4 hrs). It was a great book, I laughed at the funny parts, cried (CRIED!) at the sad parts. I already can't wait for the next one......if you haven't read any of the books go read them. They get better with each one.......

(Yes I know I sound like a half crazed lunatic when talking about this book but it has been such a long time since I have had a chance to read any book that didn't have a reading level of a two year old...and I actually enjoyed it!!)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Kaia Update....

Recently Kaia discovered the joy of showering. It happened by accident one day when she got the cap off her sippy cup and spilled sticky juice ALL over herself, and N happened to be taking a shower so I stuck her in there with him to get clean while I cleaned the mess. Kill two birds with one stone and all that..well little did I know what I was starting..every day since whenever N goes to get ready for work she has to get in too or else crying and screaming and sobbing at the bathroom door like we are killing her starts. Then she started wanting the shower on during her baths too, at first I would only let her have it on for a few minutes but now she doesn't even want the bath. Yup my kid now actually asks to take a shower all the time and LIKES it to the point it led her to speak her first full coherent sentence to me! Tonight when I asked her if she was ready to get out she didn't answer so I asked her if Kaia was okay? She opened the shower curtain a tiny bit peeked out and yelled word for word, "Kaia okay, go away go away!". She then slammed the curtain shut in my face and started dancing in the shower. I hope this lasts! I have met too many kids who hate showers/baths. Although I never dreamed Kaia would be taking showers this early on. She's also slowly getting the hang of learning what the soap is for and likes to rub it on her her arms and legs and tummy and say washing! (sounds more like wassing). She hasn't quite figured out the shampoo part yet and will try to pour the whole bottle on her head though.
She is also very into purses and has a little pink purse that says high maintence on one side (so true!) filled with little things like toy sunglasses, a set of (sterilized) real old house keys on a keychain, some tissue, a little change purse and a broken cell phone.She loves to carry this around and it is slowly becoming an item she cannot leave the house without. It's so cute to see her stop and unzip it to get her sunglasses on or to get her phone and put it up to her ear and say "hewwo?" Her hair is also finally long enough for a teeny weenie ponytail but I'll take it!. My little girl is finally becoming a little girl! She has an interest in her clothes and loves being told how pretty she is. Just in time too, cause now I'll have a little boy to deal with!!
Her chicken pox are finally over. Poor little Kaikai she had a tough winter first with the rotovirus then the chicken pox. But hopefully that's all past now. It was rough for awhile and she had to be pretty medicated with benedryl to be comfortable enough to sleep. But it's nice to have a semi pleasant baby back. ( I say semi pleasant because we've also hit the terrible two's). She has few scattered bumps that are slowly fading but it's over and she's no longer contagious. Hopefully the rest of the summer will be illness free and we can just have some fun!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hey Mom, what's this thing? Posted by Picasa
I might not be on very much this weekend...why you ask???? Two words...HARRY POTTER.
Yes my secret is out I am a huuuge Harry Potter fan.........

Thursday, July 14, 2005


It was good news! The baby turned out to be fine. (I can now kick myself for being such a worrywart).The cysts at the base of his brain have completely disappeared. We also got some really good shots of the sex better then last time and it is definitely a boy. I wonder how different raising a little boy will be from raising a little girl. We did find out that I have a shortened cervix. I had this same problem with Kaia hopefully I will be able to avoid premature labor this time! There isn't a big concern yet. I have to go back in about 3-4 weeks to make sure it doesn't shorten even more. In the meantime I have to avoid *ahem* certain activities with my husband and any heavy lifting. They both will be hard to do. Poor Kaia is just getting over a nasty bout with chicken pox and wants to be held and carried around, I can't really do that any more and it'll be hard telling her that. (Any suggestions on how I can make this easier on her?) Her face is finally clearing of all those nasty pimples and it's nice to see her be more relaxed. We had some bad times last week. Lots of benedryl and calamine lotion! Thanks to everyone who posted or sent me an email it was really nice to hear from you guys. I will be posting the belly shots and ultrasound pics soon, I need to get my scanner up and working first. In the meantime I'll post cute pics of Kaia that are saved on my computer!

Can't tell what she's thinking here, a cross between a bemused what the heck are you doing Mama and I just got up and already your telling me to say cheese??? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I went to the doc's yesterday for a routine checkup. Only to find out that at my last ultrasound they found a cyst on the baby's brain,so they referred me to a perinatologist to have a more advanced 3-d ultrasound done. My appointment is tommorow. My midwife was great, telling me not to worry that it most likely is nothing and should resolve itself by the time the baby is born. But they just want to run extra tests "just in case". So don't worry!. the hell do I do that? When she was telling me all of this I just sat there my mind went blank and I left without asking any important questions. Like how big is it? Where on the brain is it? So far I have done everything but sit on my hands to stop myself from googling "cyst on the brain" and finding out all the horrible things that it can mean. But I think what I'm picturing is worse. Since I don't know what can happen I'm imagining all sorts of things, like brain damage,some kind of disease that causes these things thats incurable. A million different things. I don't want to overreact when it could turn out to be nothing, but how do I not worry? How do I not feel completely frustrated that with my first pregnacy I had to be in and out of the hospital and on bedrest with premature labor, and eventually having a 6 week preemie. A totally effed up pregnacy. Now another one with a worry of a cyst on it's brain. How do I not feel like that I'm somehow broken and causing all these abnormal pregnacies. Why can't I just be one of those moms who goes to the doc's pees in the cup sees the baby all perfect on the screen and sails out dreaming of the tiny little baby thats growing as healthy as can be. I know it's early to be so worried. That this time tommorow I could be fine and the baby will be fine, and this will all be a memory. It's the what if, the idea of a maybe that it COULD be something. It's what that something could lead to that scares the crap out of me. How can I not worry? Am I overreacting? Is this something that just happens in pregnacy? Does this happen more than I realize? I hope I am just a worrywart and making too much out of it......

I think she looks more like her dad...... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A picture of myself I actually like (minus the broken glasses with tape), I'm back for good this time my compy is all fixed and I'll be posting more pics including the promised horrible ones b/c of the bet I lost with my little brother. Posted by Picasa